2018_1 NOUN E-Exams Day 13: Monday, August 13, 2018

CRD101 Principles And Practice Of Co-Operatives
ENT209 Theory Of Entrepreneurship
ECE110 Childhood Education In Traditional African Society
ECE231 Science In The Early Years
BED212 Fundamentals Of Data Processing
PED122 Primary English Curriculum And Methods
EDU258 Computer Science Methods
ACC101 Elements Of Book-Keeping I
MKT201 Element Of Marketing (Principles)
EDU252 Chemistry Methods
ECE227 Organization And Service Provision In E.C.E
SED214 History And Philosophyof Integrated Science
BED112 Word Processing
CRD124 Introduction To Cooperatives
ENT204 Entrepreneurship And Change Management
EDU282 Business Education Teaching Methods
SED122 Chemistry For Integrated Science
PED234 Man Energy And Resources
SED223 Physics For Integrated Science
BED111 Keyboarding

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