1. Involvement in the leakage of examination papers i.e. serving as agent to circulate leaked examination questions. The punishment is EXPULSION.*

2. Bringing in unauthorized materials into the examination hall with or without using them e.g. Textbooks, notes, paper, GSM phones, other electronic devices, manuscripts etc. The penalty is*
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3.   Copying from another person’s work or looking into another person’s work. The penalty for this is SUSPENSION FOR 2 SEMESTERS AND CARRYOVER In the affected course.*

4. Releasing or exposing one’s answer script to be copied by another candidate attracts SUSPENSION FOR 2 SEMESTERS AND ‘CARRYOVER’ in the affected course.*

5. Exchanging answer scripts and question papers, information like printed materials, text messages,* *microchips etc during any examination attracts*
*in the affected course.*

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6.        Collaboration in the examination hall while examination is going on attracts*
SUSPENSION FOR 2 SEMESTERS AND ‘CO in the affected course.*

7. Aiding and Abetting:*
*(a) Assisting in the transfer of prohibited items from one candidate to another in the examination hall attracts Suspension for 2 Semesters.*
*(b) Failure or refusal to report act of cheating during examination attracts Suspension for 1 Semester.*

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8.         Substituting examination scripts with unauthorized scripts or materials before, during or after any examination attracts EXPULSION.*
9. Coming into an* *examination hall with a gun or any dangerous weapon attracts EXPULSION AND THE HANDING OVER OF THE CRIMINAL TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS.*

10. Physical assault or insulting any staff before, during or after any examination will attract EXPULSION.*

11.       Unruly behaviour in the Examination Hall e.g. Disobedience to lawful orders, drunkenness or obstructing peace during an examination attracts SUSPENSION FOR 2 SEMESTERS.*

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12. Destruction/Mutilation of answer script by any student attracts SUSPENSION FOR 2 SEMESTERS.*

13. Assaulting another student during any examination attracts EXPULSION.*

14. Loitering near Examination Hall with intention to aid or abet attracts*
suspension FOR 1 semester.*

15.  Refusal to complete Examination Malpractice form attracts SUSPENSION FOR 2 SEMESTERS.*

16. Impersonation During Examination: This applies to any Candidate caught writing examination for another person. When the impersonator and impersonated are students NOUN both students shall be EXPELLED.*

17.         Any Candidate who signs the register on behalf of another Candidate shall be treated as a case of impersonation and shall be expelled from the university.*

18. Spying during examination: Any Candidate caught spying other Candidate’s work in the examination hall SHALL HAVE HIS/HER PAPER CANCELLED.*

19. Soliciting for Marks: Any Candidate caught soliciting for marks before, during or after an examination directly and indirectly SHALL HAVE HIS/HER PAPER CANCELLED.*

20. Destruction of Evidence: Any Candidate who destroys or mutilates materials that will be used as evidence to establish an allegation against him/her shall BE EXPELLED.*

21. Writing on Question Papers: Any Candidate caught with unauthorized writings, jottings and drawing on question papers shall have his/her examination paper CANCELLED.*

22. Illegal Possession of Live Question Paper: Any Candidate found with live question(s) or with prepared answers, indicating that there was fore-knowledge of the actual question(s) shall be EXPELLED.*

23. Incrimination of Invigilator(s)/Lecturer (s) and Other Students: Any Candidate found to have falsely incriminated a lecturer; staff or another student in a case of examination malpractice shall be EXPELLED.*

24. Repeated Misconduct : Any Candidate who commits any examination misconduct as a second time offender shall be EXPELLED.*

Sign: NOUN Management

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