NOUN TMA Solutions: PED122 - Primary English Curriculum And Methods

Q41 The solution to the problem of reading speed is __________


Q42 Problems of reading speed may be physical, intecllectual and _________

Pscologic al

Q43 Low reading speed is used when reading to _______


Q44 Learner's experiential background is one of the factors that affect reading and _______ its meaning


Q45 The uses to which silent reading is put are these except

Practicing of specific pronunciation problems

Q46 Two broad categories of reading are

Extensive and intensive reading

Q47 Reading is the most important skill needed for success in __________

studyin g

Q48 Reading is a specialized and ____ skill involving a number of general and lesser skills


Q49 One of the following is not a factor affecting listening comprehension

Extensivelistenin g

Q50 Learner􀳦??s vocabulary development can be enhanced through ________

Word formation

Q51 Understanding the curriculum development process and components that make it up is very important because it will equip you in your job as a ___


Q52 . In selecting content, the curriculum planner must ensure that one of the following criteria are met


Q53 It is believed by language methodologist that listening preceded _______ skill

Speaking ski lls

Q54 A well developed language has ________ basic skills


Q55 Basic language skills are these except

Understan ds

Q56 All these cannot affect listening except ___________


Q57 Factors affecting listening are ______


Q58 Listening effectively involves an active __________ process


Q59 Intensive listening can be divided into _______ parts


Q60 Tape records are vital in teaching ________ , if not read to the learners

Listening comprehension

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