1. *Be punctual:* Try to be early at your exam centre, to avoid rush which will get you panicked and unnecessarily  crowd the exams environment.

2. *Be Polite:* Once you get in the school premises and find something peculiar, contact the school authority, be polite, explain clearly what it is to who you meet. You should get a favourable answer. If not satisfied still, see your Study Centre Director or ICT Head
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3. *Be Civil / Obey Instructions/Do not loiter:* Once in the school's premises, obey simple instructions, do not rush, push or curse anyone while on queue, if there is civility amongst All, no one will be treated inhumanly. Again, you shouldn't be found around the school premises if it's not time for your exams. You might be judged for an impersonator and might be arrested.

4. *Be Confident / Have evidence:* While you await entrance into the hall and it gets messy, quickly get your phone, video the happening and send to the VC email  Also be confident to know the correct situation.

5. *Be calm:* Do not allow the happening around you control your mind. The moment you loose your cool, that moment, you loose it all. You are bound to make errors/Mistakes

6. *Call an attention:* Once you log in and find any malfunction of your system, do not log out. Quickly call the attention of the ICT Staff in the hall. If needs be, request for another system and continue your exam

7. *Be Fast:* Attempt questions that you are sure of first. You might go back to those you are not afterwards. Your time starts counting once enrolled

8. *Do not Disturb:* It is a known fact that disturbance is against any examination, doing so not only agitates you, it creates tension and could be destructive to other people in the hall. Report any case of disturbance to any of the exam official.

9. *Do not cause an uproar or instigate violence:* Should anything go wrong that affects all, do not disturb the peace of the school. Students are advised to get together in their departments, get two reps. All nominated/volunteer departmental reps should meet the study centre Director for briefing.  This briefing should be told the way it was to the waiting students.

10. *Disperse Immediately:* Once attended to or through with your exams, leave the place/hall/school premises immediately. Do not cause any crowd.

We wish you all good success now and everyday


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