2018_1 NOUN POP Day 13 Exams - Wednesday, July 18 2018

14 18 Wed 7 ACC318 Taxation II BFN302 Monetary Theory & Policy BUS322 Organisational Behaviour
CRD322 Cooperative Field Administration ENT302 Feasibilities And Business Planning ENT303 Small Scale Business Management
PAD306 Ecology Of Public Administration BUS428 Business Policy And Strategy II MKT303 Consumer Behaviour
BFN411 Public Financial Management CRD430 Cooperatives Extension PAD305 Elements Of Government
ENT305 Business Opportunity Scouting And Evaluation PAD404 Comprehensive Public Administration ACC407/  ACC405 Accounting & Auditing For Cooperatives
ENT403 Project Management BFN740 Regulations Of Financial Institutions ENT404 Globalization And National Policies
BUS727 Organisational Behaviour PAD712 Administrative Theory BUS717 Principles Of Management
BFN852 Public Financial Management BUS802 Economic Theory BUS804 Strategy And Structure
MBA815 Management Information System MBA816 Quantitative Method For Management MBA817 Environment Of Business
MKT859 Industrial Marketing MKT837 Marketing Research MBF845 International Banking
MPA812 Intergovernmental Relations (igr) MPA843 E-governance In The Public Sector PAD813 Quantitative Methods For Public Adm
BED416 Office Organization And Management PAD812 Intergovernmental Relations(igr) EDU314 Comparative Education
SED329 Integrated Science Workshop ECE413 Comparative Early Childhood Education EDU421 Guidance And Counselling
PED312 Fundamentals Of Early Childhood And Pry Educa SED314 African Cosmology In Integration In Science SED412 Nigerian Industries And Industrialization
PED313 Historical And Cultural Background Of Immedia PED420 Social Psychology Of Instruction EDU754 INTEGRATED SCIENCE METHODS
EDU758 Computer Education Methods EDU762 Economics Methods EDU764 Geography Methods
SED831 Curriculum Trends In Science Education EDA825 Managerial Psychology EDT830 Multimedia Tech In Teaching And Learning
EDA822 Supervision Of Instructions In Education EDT821 Instructional Task Analysis & Psychological B EGC804 Techniques Of Counselling
EGC811 Principles Of Interpersonal Relationships EGC803 Developmental Psychology EDU720 English Methods
EDU716 Sociology Of Education

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