2018_1 NOUN POP Day 12 Exams - Tuesday, July 17 2018

17 Tue 7 ACC306 Cost Accounting BFN301 Practice Of Banking BUS317 Production Management
CRD324 Rural Development Strategies ENT301 Sociology Of Entrepreneurship CRD326 Cooperative Education
PAD301 Inter-government Relations BUS401 Management Information System MKT301 Consumer Co-operatives
BFN409 Project Evaluation ENT414 Venture Creation And Growth PAD302 Traditional Administrative System I
ENT401 E-business PAD402 Social And Welfare Administration I ENT402 Management Of Creativity And Innovation
BFN732 Business Finance BUS847 Global Economic Environment BFN737 Micro And Small Business Financing
PAD707 Local Government Administration MBA806 Human Resources Management PAD710 Public Policy Analysis
BUS835 International Business Management MKT823 Consumer Behaviour BUS810 Comparative Management
MBA801 Production And Operations Managemen MPA810 Public Policy Analysis MBA814 Introduction To General Management
MBF843 Capital Investment & Financial Deci ENT883 Small Business Management MKT825 International Marketing
MPA807 Development Administration Theory PUL743/PAD743 Administrative Law PAD810 Public Policy Analysis
PAD807 Public Development Administration T ECE313 Theories And Practice Of Early Childhood Educ BED313 Office Information Technology
ENT893 Entrepreneurship SED312 The Earth And The Universe ECE421 Health And Family Life Education
BED312 Organisation And Administration Of Vocational EDU412 Principles of Educational Management PED412 Organization And Administration Of Primary Ed
ECE311 Introduction To Cultural And Creative Arts EDU760 History Methods SED313 Improvisation In Integrated Science
ECE412 Management Of Early Childhood Education EDA813 School Plant Management PED320 Family Education
PED410 Management Of Childhood Institutions EDT811 Theories Of Communication Andphilosophical Ba EDU756 Physics Methods
EDU752 Chemistry Methods EGC801 Principles Of Guidance And Counselling EDU766  POLITICAL SCIENCE METHODS
EDU782 Business Education Methods EDU731 Curriculum Development (theory And Practice) EDU721 Psychology Of Learning
EDU768 Social Studies Methods EDA821 Human Resources Management In Education
SED832 Curriculum Development In Science Education EGC802 Counselling Theories
EDA811 Concepts And Theories Of Educational Administ EDU713 Educational Management And Supervisionsubject
EDT812 Management Of Educational Resources Centres
EDU732 Introduction To Educational Technology                                                                                                                                                          Read Also : "I Will Laugh Last" - Fayose Tells Buhari, APC

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