Advise To E-exam Student (100-200)

This is the period that you can build your GP if possible don't have below 3.5 in this period. 

To get a good GP know the following:

Do your tma well, have 30/30 it possible 

Study your TMA well for exams because it is the area of concentration 

Read your materials because some questions will come from them. 

Have a group discussion group sometimes you remember what other says faster than what you read

Remember a single mark can make a difference between A grade and B

Never rush to enter the exam hall

Note dates, places and names they come out more in fill in the gap 

Ask questions from people that goes in before you if they care to share 

Never go to your centre late 

Again build your GP now. I never had my GP dropped during this period not until POP and even sometimes you have missing results when doing POP so what you build now helps you.

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