2018_1 NOUN POP Day 18 Exams - Monday, July 23, 2018

23 Mon 7 BFN310 Micro-credit Policies & Instititutions BFN308 Banking Methods And Process BFN405 Bank Lending and Loan Administration
ACC757 Principles Of Accounting PAD371 Public Personnel Administration CRD303 Rural Finance
BUS429 Corporate Planning ENT428 Small Business Management FMS304 Research Methods
CRD403 Comparative Cooperatives PAD444 Nigerian Local Government Administr ACC426 International Accounting
PAD326 ORGANISATION AND ADMINISTRATIVE THEORY BUS729 Business Mathematics ENT408 Entrepreneurship And Gender Issues
FMS825 Research Methodology PAD784 Comparative Public Administration BFN728 Quantitative Techniques For Financial Decisio
MKT401 Marketing Management BUS849 Strategic Management PAD771 Public Personnel Administration
BUS801 Operations Management MBF833 Money And Banking BUS898 Business Policy
MBF839 Quantitative Techniques For Banking and Finance MBA889 Basic French MBA833 Industrial Relations
CLL804/MBA804 Business And Company Law MPA871 Public Personnel Management MKT826 Marketing Management And Strategy
MPA870 Local Government Administration PAD868 Comparative Public Administration PAD858 Development Planning, Project Prepa
EDU726 Measurement And Evaluation EDU714 History Of Education In Nigeria EDU728 Methods Of Teaching Nigerian Languages
EDA842 Appl. Of Management Infor. Systems In Educ. EGC815 Sex And Family Counselling EDU808 Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction In Sec.
EGC817 Abnormal Psychology EDA852 Politics Of Education EDA834 Budgeting And Financial Management In Educati
EDT823  Research and Media 

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