2018_1 NOUN POP Day 9 Exams - Wednesday, July 11 2018


ECO332  Managerial Economics
MAC333  Media Station Management And Operat
PCR331  History Of Conflicts In Nigeria
POL317  Public Policy Analysis
TSM347  Commercial Recreation Management
CSS411  Contemporary Issues In Criminology And Securi
ECO459  Advanced Mathematical Economics
POL441  Development Administration
PCR713  Introduction to Peace Education
PCR872  Research Methods In Peace And Confl
BIO306  General Physiology II
CHM307  Atomic And Molecular Structure And Symmetr
CHM408  Polymer Chemistry II
CIT333  Software Engineering I
CIT427  Database Systems & Management
CIT722  Computer Networks
CIT832  Operating Systems Concepts And Networking Man
DAM363  Economic Statistics
ESM317  Land And Water Pollution
MTH401  General Topology I
PHY307  Solid State Physics


CSS351  Prisons And Correction Of Offenders In Nigeri
ECO341  Macro-economic Theory I
INR321  Foreign Policy Analysis
POL318  Political Behaviour
INR432  Afro-asia Relations
INR481  International Economic Relation
MAC425  Public Relations Practice
PCR419  International Politics Of The Cold
JLS845  Issues In Communication Policy & Te
BIO307  Evolution
BIO406  Parasitology& Immunology
CHM309  Organic Spectroscopy
CHM409  Electrochemistry
CIT341  Data Structures
CIT432  Software Engineering II
CIT723  Operating System Design And Programming
CIT834  Object-oriented Programming Using C#
DAM364  Management Information System (mis)
ESM421  Elements Of Land Surveying
MTH402  General Topology II
PHY306  Optics II
PHY406  Optics III
PCR772  Concepts   and   Practice   of Peace-Building


ECO342  Macro-economic Theory II
MAC334  International Public Relation
PCR362  Urban Violence And Security
POL322  Comparative Federalism
TSM442  Tourism Entrepreneurship
CSS432  Human Rights Provision In Nigeria
INR441  Contemporary Strategic Studies
MAC427  Economics & Social Issues In Advert
CSS753  Research Methods In Criminology
PCR873  Arms Control And Demilitarisation
BIO308  Biogeography
BIO407  Basic Entomology
CHM301  Physical Chemistry III
CHM416  Organic Synthesis
CIT342  Formal Languages & Automata Theory
CIT445  Principles & Techniques Of Compilers
ESM322  Water And Waste Water Management
ESM422  Resource Evaluation
MTH309  Optimisation Theory
PHY301  Classical Mechanics II
PHY457  Environmental Physics

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