2018_1 NOUN POP Day 8 Exams - Tuesday, July 10 2018


INR302 International Relations And The Med
MAC341 Developmental Communication & world
POL312 Logic And Methods Of Political Inqu
TSM441 Strategic Managementin Hospitality And Touris
ECO453 Applied Econometrics
INR412 Foreign Policies Of Great Powers
POL444 Nigerian Local Government
JLS726 Speech Writing
JLS825 Editorial Writing
PCR771 Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution
PCR815 Peace Building And Humanitarianism
BIO404 Systematic Biology
CIT322 Introduction To Internet Programming
CIT415 Introduction To E-commerce
CIT711 Computer Fundamentals
CIT831 Software Engineering Methodologies
ESM308 Rural Development Strategies
ESM407 Geographic Information Systems
MTH301 Functional Analysis I
PHY308 Electronics 1
PHY402 Nuclear Physics


CSS342 Safety
Management For Loss Prevention
ECO314 Operations Research
PCR352 Sustainable Environmental Development And Pea
PCR422 Globalization And Peace
CSS455 Forensic Science
ECO454 Advanced Econometrics II
MAC423 Book Publishing And The Law
PCR712 Democracy and Good Governance
CSS746 Legal And Social Framework Of Private Securit
PCR813 Peace And Security In A Global Cont
BIO304 General Ecology
CHM305 Organic Chemistry III
CHM405 Chemical Thermodynamics
CIT309 Computer Architecture
CIT734 Object-oriented Technology
CIT854 Network Design And Programming
DAM361 Business Communication & Network
MTH381 Mathematical Methods III
MTH421 Ordinary Differential Equation
ESM304               Research Methods and Field Trip


CSS343 Information Systems Security Management
ECO329 Project Evaluation
INR312 American Diplomacy In The 20th Century
TSM342 Concept, Design And Feasibility I
INR411 The New World Economic And Politica
MAC424 International Advertising And Propa
PCR421 International Organisations And Pea
CSS747 Technical/ Electronic Aspects Of Security
JLS732 Principles & Practice Of Pr
JLS826 Speech Writing
POL316 Political Evaluation
BIO305 Molecular Biology
BIO405 Hydrobiology
CHM306 Instrumental Methods Of Analysis
CHM407 Reaction Kinetics
CIT425 Operation Research
DAM301 Data Mining And Data Warehousing
CIT703 Information Technology And Software Developme
ESM311 Noise And Air Pollution
ESM411 Population Environment And Development
MTH382 Mathematical Methods Iv
PHY404 Electrodynamics III

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