2018_1 NOUN POP Day 16 Exams - Friday, July 20, 2018

ACC311 Financial Accounting
CRD307 Producer Cooperative
PAD330 Workshop In Public Administration
BUS424 Organisation Theory
ENT415 Technology Entrepreneurship And Intellectual property Rights
MKT403 Marketing Research
PAD409 Conduct Of Government Business
BUS726 Global Economic Environment
BUS800 Quantitative Analysis
MBA824 Managerial Economics
MKT829 Pricing Policies
MPA855 Performance Measurement And Managem
PAD855 Performance Measurement And Managem
PED422 Behaviour Problems And The Primary School Chi
SED421 Cycles In Nature (biological Cycles)
EDA844 Educational Statistics For Education Managers
EDU822 Advanced Psychology Of Learning

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BFN304 Financial Systems
ENT306 Measuring Organizational Success
BUS419 International Business I
CRD407 Project Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evalution
PAD408 Development Planning
ACC812 Introduction To Accounting
FMS731 Research Methods
PAD756 Project Analysis And Implementation
BUS818 Rewards And Compensation Management
MBA827 Advanced Organizational Behaviour
MPA856 Urban And Regional Planning
PAD856 Urban And Regional Planning
SED323 Physics For Integrated Science
PED351 Adult Basic Education
EDU750 Biology Methods
EDU740 Mathematics Methods
EDA851 Principles Of Institutional Administration In
EDT832 Preparation, Utilization & Integration Of Cur
EGC809 Psychological Testing

BUS330 Management Theory
ENT307 Natural Resource Management
MKT308 Promotion
PAD341 Public Administration In Nigeria
ACC418 Public Sector Accounting And Finance
ENT409 Rethinking Traditional Occupation
BUS722 Business Statistics
BFN715 Principles Of Finance
BUS828 Economy And Industrial Analysis
MBA829 Organizational Change And Developm
PUL844/ PAD844/MPA844 Public Administration Law
EDU321 Psychology Of Learning
SED324 School Science Laboratory
PED430 Design And Production Of Learning Materials F
SED834 Science And Technology In Society
EDU823 Educational Research Methods

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