2018_1 NOUN POP Day 11 Exams - Friday, July 13,2018


INR351 Europe In World Politics
MAC316 Mass Comm. & National Development
PCR373 Demobilisation Disarmament And Rein

POL341 Public Administration In Nigeria
CSS443 Traffic/ Road Safety And Equipment
ECO441 Economic Planning I
MAC442 Advanced Broadcast News/programme P
POL431 Third World Dependency & Development
JLS714 Communication Research
JLS814 Communication Research
PCR822 International Law And Peace
BIO314 Animal Behaviour
BIO413 Developmental Biology
CHM314 Environmental Chemistry
CHM421 Heterocyclic Chemistry
CIT353 Human-computer Interaction
CIT465 Network Administration
CIT742 Multimedia Technology
DAM461 Statistical Database System
ESM426 Biogeography
MTH412 Functional Analysis II
STT311 Probability Distribution II
PHY312 Mathematical Methods For Physics II
PHY456 Nuclear Reactor Physics


CSS356 Traditional And Informal Mechanisms
ECO356 Introduction To Econometrics II
INR352 International Relations In East And
POL315 Theory And Practice Of Marxism
TSM349 Introduction To Airline Management
ECO442 Advanced Macro Economics
INR461 Human Rights
PCR415 The Nature Of Global Terrorism
JLS815 Advanced Theories In Mass Communica
PCR714 Introduction to conflict Resolution
PCR831 African Traditional Methods Of Co
BIO411 Parasitology
CHM315 Carbohydrate Chemistry
CHM422 Natural Products Chemistry II
CIT371 Introduction To Computer Graphics And Animati
CIT752 Operating System Concepts
CIT844 Advanced Database Management Systems
ESM341 Introduction To Instrumentation Measurement A
MTH303 Vector And Tensor Analysis
PHY311 Kinetic Theory And Statistical Mechanics


CSS361 Juvenile Institutions And Juvenile Correction
INR361 Religion Ethnicity And Nationalism
MAC322 Editorial Writing
ECO444 Money And Banking
MAC444 Broadcast Commentary & Announcing
CSS774 Prisons And Correctional Institutions In Nige
JLS721 News Reporting/writing
BIO316 Introduction To Bioinformatics
BIO412 Wildlife Ecology And Conservation
CIT381 File Processing And Management
CIT467 Visual Programming And Applications
CIT753 Introduction To Internet
CIT851 Advanced Systems Analysis And Design
ESM342 Environmental Impact Assessment And Auditing
ESM428 Ecology Of Natural Resources
MTH311 Calculus Of Several Variables
PHY313 Mathematical Methods For Physics I
DAM382 Information Systems Management

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