2018_1 NOUN POP Day 10 Exams -Thursday, July 12, 2018


CSS442 Professional Ethics In Law Enforcement & Secu
ECO448 Economic Planning II
MAC441 Documentary Film Production
CSS757 Contemporary Issues In Criminology And Securi
JLS724 Feature Writing
PCR716 Research Methods in Peace and Conflict Studies

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PCR851 Environmental Security And Conflict
BIO313 Animal Ecology
BIO410 Fisheries & Aquaculture
CIT463 Introduction To Multimedia Technology
CIT736 Computer Programming
CIT843 Introduction To Database Management Systems
DAM401 Oracle Applications
ESM424 Fresh Water Ecology
MTH308 Introduction To Mathematical  Modelling
PHY310 Electronics II
PHY405 Electronics III
CIT771 Computer Graphics And Animation


ECO344 Introduction To International Econo
INR322 Strategic Studies In The 20th Centu
PCR371 Third Party Intervention In Conflic
POL326 Environmental Politics
TSM444 Global Tourism Issues
CSS441 Technical/electronics Aspects Of Security
ECO447 Public Sector Economics
INR451 Introduction To Research Methods In
MAC428 Integrated Marketing Communication
CSS755 Patterns And Trends Of Crime In Nig
JLS823 News Reporting/writing
BIO311 Mycology
BIO408 Soil Ecology
CHM312 Industrial Chemical Processes I
CHM417 Industrial Chemical Processes II
CIT351 C# Programming *
CIT461 Internet Architecture And Communication
CIT735 Application Software Design And Multimedia
ESM328 Biodiversity Conservation
ESM423 Hydrology And Water Resources
MTH417 Electromagnetic Theory
PHY309 Quantum Mechanics I
PHY407 Solid State Physics II
CIT759 Micro Computing And Www


CSS352 Theory Of Crime And Crime Control
ECO343 Monetary Theory And Policy
MAC331 Advertising Campaign Planning & Exe
POL324 Politics Of Development & Underdevelopment
TSM348 Hospitality And Tourism Management
ECO445 International Trade And Finance
PCR417 International Relations And Security
POL432 Government & Administration Of Urban System
JLS722 Publication Layout And Design
JLS822 Publication Layout And Design
PCR833 Ethnic Conflicts And Resolution
BIO310 Protozoology
CHM311 Petroleum Chemistry
CHM413 Analytical Chemistry II
CIT344 Introduction To Computer Design
CIT701 Foundation Of Information And Commu
CIT841 Advanced Information Storage And Retrieval
ESM324 Urban Environmental Management
MTH307 Numerical Analysis II
CIT758 Wireless Communication II

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