2018_1 NOUN POP Day 12 Exams - Monday, July 16 2018

16 Mon 7ECO348Development Economics IICSS381Domestic ViolenceINR342Southern Africa In Global Politics
INR332War And Peace In West Africa SinceECO355Introduction To EconometricsPCR375Language And Information Management In Peace
MAC314Issues In Mass Media In NigeriaINR341Asia In World PoliticsCSS452Victims Of Crime And Human Rights Violations
CSS491Emergency Riot And Disaster Control ManagemenMAC313Critical Writing And ReviewingECO440Taxation And Fiscal Policy
ECO427Comparative EconomicsECO431Advanced Micro EconomicsMAC413Data Analysis In Mass Communication
INR491China In World PoliticsINR482Russia In World PoliticsPOL424Political Parties & Pressure Groups
MAC411Media Law And EthicsMAC412Media ManagementCSS791Emergency Riot And Disaster Control Managemen
POL411Political PsychologyPCR424Governance International Law And FuJLS713Media And Society
CSS742Policing And Law Enforcement In NigeriaCSS743Principles Of Security Practice And ManagemenJLS813Media & Society
JLS712Media Law & EthicsJLS812Media Law And EthicsPCR819Human Rights And Diplomacy
BIO318Immunology And ImmunochemistryPCR715Introduction to conflict Resolution Processes IBIO320Microbial Ecology
BIO416Industrial MicrobiologyPCR817Theories Of Peace Education And ConBIO415Virology And Tissue Culture
CHM316Industrial Chemical TechnologyBIO414Applied EntomologyCHM391Practical Chemistry V- Inorganic And Analytic
CHM423Coordination ChemistryCHM318Natural Product Chemistry ICIT392Computer Laboratory II
CIT383Introduction To Object Oriented ProgrammingCIT478Artificial IntelligenceCIT484Website Design & Programming
CIT474Introduction To Expert SystemsCIT755Wireless Communication ICIT756Operations Research
CIT754Digital CommunicationCIT853Internet Concepts And Web DesignCIT891Advanced Multimedia Technology
CIT852Data Communication And NetworksDAM462Agricultural Data SystemsESM392Remote Sensing
DAM463Health Data ManagementESM345Applied ClimatologyESM444Industrial Wastes And Industrial Water Treatm
ESM343Climate Change And EnvironmentMTH312Abstract Algebra IIMTH315Analytical Dynamics I
ESM431Environmental Health And SafetyMTH411Measure Theory & IntegrationMTH423Integral Equation
MTH341Real AnalysisPHY361Geophysics IIPHY314Numerical Computations
PHY391Physics Laboratory IIPHY461Geophysics III
PHY492Laboratory Physics III

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