2018_1 NOUN E-exam Day 1 Exams - Monday, July 30 ,2018_


 _HCM234 Facility Maintenance Management
HCM142 Tourism As An Industry
AGR205 Introduction To nAgro-Climatology
NSC104 Human Physiology I
NSS211 Human Anatomy
PHS201 Anatomy
NSC201 Human Anatomy II
ISL214 Textual Study Of Qur_An II
ARA181 Basic Arabic
FRE211 Advanced Studies in Oral and Written Comprehension I
CRS173 Introduction To The Study Of Religion
ENG141 Spoken English
CRS213 Synoptic Gospels
ENG241 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology of English
FRE101 Basic French Grammar And Composition I
MBA889 Basic French


_GST301 Entrepreneurship Studies
ARD201 Principles Of Agricultural Extension
HCM238 Introduction To Food And Beverage Production II
HCM135 Introduction To Food And Beverage Services I
CRS202 Comparative Study Of Religion_

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