2018_1 NOUN POP Day 14 Exams - Thursday, July 19 2018

19 Thu 7 ACC313 Management Accounting BFN303 Financial Management BUS325 Human Resources Management
CRD320 Co-operatives Management & Organization ENT304 Leadership And Corporate Governance MKT306 Distribution & Sales Management
PAD312 Management Of Public Service BUS406 Analysis For Business Decisions PAD328 Community Development And Social Ch
BFN421 Risk Management And Insurance ENT413 Social Entrepreneurship And Community Develop ACC411 Auditing II
PAD405 Public Policy Making And Analysis MKT411 Marketing For Cooperatives CRD422 Social Processes And Comparative Rural Social Systems
BFN748 Financial Institutions And Markets PAD406 Public Enterprises Management ENT407 Entrepreneurial Development
BUS720 Human Resources Management BFN779 Public Financial Management MKT730 Fundamentals Of Marketing
BUS809 Human Resources Management (hrm) PAD724 Public Enterprises Management PAD742 Development Theory And Administrat
MBA820 Corporate Management Strategy BUS811 Diversity And Conflict Management BUS815 Management Information System
MKT827 Product Planning And Development MBA821 Personnel Staff Evaluation MBA823 Organizational Design
MPA853 International Administration MBA881 Business Policy PAD853 International Administration
EDU323 Research Methods And Statistic In Education MPA854 Public Enterprises Management ECE422 The School Environment And The Child
EDU426 Special Education PAD843 E-governance In The Public Sector SED321 Biology For Integrated Science
PED421 Developmental Guidance In Pry. Education ECE410 Issues In Early Childhood And Primary Educati PED342 Methods Of Teaching Creative Arts In Early Ch
SED422 Integrated Science Curriculum Design And Impl SED315 The Nigerian Primary/secondary School Science EDU722 French Methods
EDU712 Professionalism In Teaching PED322 Methods Of Teaching Reading In Primary School EGC806 Organization And Administration Of G & C
EDA832 Economics Of Education EDU711  INTRODUCTION TO FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION EDU821 Educational Statistics 3
EDT831 Instructional Media Design And Production SED811 Foundations Of Science Education
EDA833 Monitoring/evaluation In Education Management
EGC805 Vocational Guidance
EDU815 Instructional Techniques And Methods In Schools

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