Questions & Answers About The New TMA Platform

1. Can students print out their TMAs at cyber café’s? 

Ans: No. Students can only read and do their TMAs. No print-out

2. Can students attempt TMA 1-3 at once?

Ans: Only a TMA will be available to a student at a time following the time lines provided. This means that no TMA is open-ended. You must do your TMA within that period or risk a zero mark for that TMA.

3. How about students who are not able to do their TMAs but their exams?

Ans: You must attempt TMA and exams to receive an end of semester grade for every course registered. This is a standard rule University education.

4. Why not upgrade TMAs to 100% where a student is not able to sit and pass examination?

Ans: Ideally, a student should pass both TMA and exams to receive a pass mark for the course. Therefore, students should endeavor to do their TMAs themselves as TMAs prepare students for final examinations


5. How are the TMAs going to be administered? 

Ans: A student is expected to study the course materials, do TMAs and assignments in the course materials before attempting the online TMAs. Therefore, one (1) question will pop-up at a time for student to attempt before the next question will pop-up. Where the student is not able to attempt for example, question 1, he/she could click next to move to question 2 and so on.

6. How many TMAs can a student attempt per course?

Ans: There are 3 TMAs per each course registered by a student. A student is expected to attempt all. Each TMA has 10 test items (1-10).


  1. see weythin human being talk? 9ja we get a lot of problems. Internet connection na one. If that portal should get traffic, them think say that site go go at all? See what happened when we were still trying to sort out remita issue... the site was as slow as a turtle. Now they want to implement real time quiz system. Who is the technical adviser of noun self?

  2. Hmmm.... Things will get more critical ooo.. What if the network fluctuates..? And as they said no TMA is open-ended