Latest News: Hidden Facts About TMA

TMA 1 is set to be ready for student for a period between Tomorrow(Tuesday 5th to Tuesday 26th June 2018) . 

  • It is an offence to circulate printed copies of your personalized question. 

  • As you are aware these assignment are designed to ensure you are making full use of your study material. 

  • Students will always find the tests quite helpful in making them understand the contents of these course materials . 

  • No extra time will be allocated to the period of submission to TMA 1 which will be immediately followd by TMA 2. 

  • We wish you the best of luck as you embark on answering 


1. NOUN TMA will remain 3 (TMA 1-3)

2. Unlike before, you can’t print TMA anymore.

3. TMA will look more like E-exam: One question on a screen.

4. There will be 10 questions per TMA (e.g TMA 1 is 10 questions)

5. Still, on that, there will be timeline or period for each TMA and must be done within it period (e.g TMA 1, between June 5th and June 21st)

6. A failure to do TMA translates to a failure in that course.

7. Like before, you can’t see a TMA once submitted
8. Except you had submitted, you can go to a previous number before submission of a TMA. E.g, you are doing TMA 1 of CSS121 and you are in number 6, you can go back to number 2.

9. You can move ahead to another number if you do not know the answer to a particular number. E.g, you are in number 4 of ECO121 and do not know the answer, you can proceed to number 5.

10. A TMA will only have a timeline or period but not going to be time in minutes or hours. The implication is that you can open a TMA now, close it and come back to it later as long as it is within its timeline. E.g, you open TMA 1 of ECO121 at 9 am on June 5th. 

You can close it and come back to reopen it at 9 pm on that same day or any other day within the timeline of TMA 1, only that the arrangement might have been changed as before.

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