Important Notice To All Students

Hope y'all are aware of the forth coming event in National Open University (All Centres)

  • Another set of Matriculation Ceremony for 2017/2018 set of Students will be Saturday 23rd June,2018.
 You will be updated soon as to when to come around to take your gown and yhe requirements  for the processing.

  •  Exam briefing will be  coming very soon, if possible next week. I will update you.

  • Exam Stamping Still continues, no deadline for now.

  • Ensure you are far attempting you Test (TMA) no extension on the time 26/06/2018, seize this weekend to do it. Remember TMA participation will guarantee you to write exam. Inform you friend!( *private chat or call me  just in case u find anyone stressful*)

  • POP exam timetable is out, you can  make complaints to the School Councillor if you have two papers at the same time, no adjustment for the remaining.

  • Your students I.D is very vitae, ensure you have one,

  •  Result verification is only meant for students that have cleared all his or her registrable courses and their name is on the graduating list.

Success in your forthcoming Exam, ensure you read the exam rules and understand all the regulations!!!

with love from*

  Va NeXa

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