GST201 TMA1 Question and Answers

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Q1 There is no common pattern of socio-political organization among the people living in the _____

Q2 The traditional Igala political structure was operated on _______ levels

Q3 The staff of authority of the Igbo people is called _____and it is controlled by the ____

Q4 The rain forest communities known for iron smelting and black smithing are _____ , _______ , and ______

Q5 The Ogboni cult played ______ role in conflicts between the Oyomesi and the Alaafin

Q6 The Niger-Delta people include the following except

Q7 The Jukun are also known as _______

Q8 The Igbo people are well known for _______

Q9 The general philosophy behind the religious spirit of the rain forest is the search for ________

Q10 The eastern part of the Igboland close to the Cameroonian border is occupied by the ____

Q11 The Bini soceity was made up of two class strata namely ____ and ____

Q12 One of these is not a deity in Igboland

Q13 In the Oke Oramfe's version of creation, the almighty sent _____ and _____ to create the world

Q14 Identify one state where yoruba's are predominantly found _____

Q15 Identify 3 ethnic groups in Southern Nigeria

Q16 Every lineage in Igboland was headed by _________

Q17 A deposed Alaafin in the 16th century was expected to

Q18 ___________ is the second major tendency of the rain forest people

Q19 _____ is the kingdom that eventually emerged as an empire in Yoruba land

Q20 _____ and _____ are 2 versions of the origin of the Yoruba people

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