Follow These Steps To Access Your TMA

Log in to your portal via and paste this link in another page


How To Access Your TMA STEP 2

Step 1. Log in to 

Step 2. Click *your courses* and then select *your courses*

Step 3. Under *semester* select *first semester 2018* irrespective of your current level or semester, because according to NOUN academic calendar, we are in second semester 2018. 

Step 4. Still select *first semester 2018*  then click *proceed...* wait for a moment to display. 

Step 5. Click *view exams* to access *TMA* 

Step 6. Click  *take TMA*, any course that its TMA is available will display ...


Please if you are not too sure of the answers don't submit  You know  how helpful and advantageous 30marks would be to your 100 marks..


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