Advice To All New Students About NOUN.

Welcome to NOUN an ODL institution in Nigeria. The school has been an open distance learning institution make it a very flexible school where you can work and learn. That's study and still, continue making your money.

NOUN does not have a normal day to day lectures. In some centres they do what is called facilitation on some courses, some don't have provision for this but most centres have privately organised tutorial centres which you can attend but knowing that you will still have to pay a fee for that and be careful some of them are not up to standard so make enquire before choosing one.

You can start reading before you make payment. It advisable you start reading as soon as you pay if you have your money or as soon as you are sure you will be paying before the registration closes. You can download materials from or get your materials at a cheap price from a reliable source.

Time wait for no one the earlier you start reading the better because TMA and exams will soon start knocking.

Seek advice from old students before you take any move which you are not clear about but make sure they are the trusted ones cos you can be misleading.

NOUN can be easy and as well difficult it base on your preparation and readiness.

You can contact me for any assistance if you can give me the benefit of doubt.

Post by: Seun Macmos
Call or WhatsApp on 08064884844

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