Semester Registration Guidelines Updates (Semester Counts)

It is quite abysmal that most students are not familiar with semester counts, which is very important as a bonafide  Students of this prestigious school (National Open University of Nigeria) should know. In this article, I'm going to show you step by step on how to count your semester before any registration.

Semester Count as the name entails is the number of semesters you have spent in NOUN as bonafide students including your current semester.

For example, 

if you are in 100Level the first semester counts as 1, it means you have spent one semester in NOUN.
Therefore, your semester count is one. You will be asked your semester count when registering on the portal. Definitely, means the second semester we are in now is going to be counted as two.If you are in 300L first semester, your semester count is 5.

Below is the breakdown

100L first semester, semester count = 1 
100L second semester =2
200L first semester =3
200L second semester = 4
300L first semester = 5
300L second semester = 6
400L first semester = 7 400L second semester = 8

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