How To Download NOUN E-Course Materials

See How to Download Soft Copies of All Your National Open University of Nigeria Course Material

The student has been asking for where they can get the course materials, today I am going to explain how to download all course materials for any Faculty, Level or semester using In my explanation below I will explain one or two things about the official NOUN website 

So what is is the official website where all study wares, general information about the school and also latest news about the school are uploaded, I think is taking the place of the old

I would cease this medium to let students know that there is only two official website released by the management of the National Open University of Nigeria.

The first one is, which is where student can apply for admission and also login to their portal. You should know that all financial activities concerning NOUN are done on this website.e.g TMA Submission, Result Checker e.t.c

Second is the, this website is mainly for study ware like Course Materials and other general information about the school.

Below are the steps you can take to download your course materials. Before downloading any study materials, you are required to have a PDF Reader on your device, if not you will not be able to open the downloaded material. So, follow the steps below to download NOUN E-course Materials with ease.

Step 1

Visit using your laptop or any other internet enabled device.


Step 2

At the menu bar, click one RESOURCES , there will be a dropdown menu, click on OPENCOURSE WARE.

Step 3

Step two above should take you to the Course Ware page.

To filter the courses to show only your own courses you will select your Host Faculty, Level and Semester as below

Host Faculty: e.g. Science Level: e.g. 100Semester: e.g 2

Then you click on Apply

*Step 4*

Each course listed can be downloaded by clicking on the course code at the right hand corner of the page, under the column labeled Download Course Material

If you have any questions, Kindly comment in the comment box.

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