Noun News: Course Registration Guidelines for Returning Undergraduate Students

  • Course Registration for 0, 1 or 2 unit courses: N2,000 per course
  • Course Registration for 3 unit courses: N2,500 per course
  •  Exam Registration for any course: N1,000 per course
  • Compulsory Fee for any semester: N18,000 per semester


1. A combination of your Total Course Registration fees, Exam Registration for and the Compulsory Fee gives your total school fee for the semester.

2. In cases where students are provided with elective courses, they have the option of only registering just one of them, two of them or ALL of them (depending on the students capacity, interest, and availability) but the students must write at least one of the electives (if provided on the course outline).

3. A student cannot register more than 24 units of courses per semester

4. NOUN allows students to register more courses from a previous semester (or a subsequent semester) inside a particular semester if they wish. A student who failed a course in 100lev 1st semester can add the failed course to his/her 100lev 2nd-semester courses during exam registration. Similarly, a student who already has registered all his/her courses in the 200level 1st semester, for instance, may add more courses from 200lev 2nd semester if he/she wishes (but can not exceed 24 units). 

An example of calculating your school fees for the semester is given below:

B.Sc. Computer Science 100lev 2nd semester Course Outlines*

(Note: "2C" means "2 unit Core Course" and something "2E" means "2 unit Elective Course)

1. GST102 Use of English and Communication Skills II 0C
2. CHM102 Introductory Organic Chemistry 2C
3. CIT102 Software Application Skills 2C
4. STT102 Introductory Statistics 2C
5. MTH 102 Elementary Mathematics II 2C
6. BIO102 General Biology II 2C
7. BIO192 General Biology Practical II 1C
8. CHM192 Introductory Practical Chemistry II 1C
9. PHY 102 Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics 3C
10. PHY 192 Introductory Practical Physics II 1C

Total Course Reg Fees: N20,500
Total Exam Reg. Fees: N10,000
Compulsory Fee: N18,000

Total School Fee for the semester: N48,500

This is the pattern that you will follow to register all of your courses in this semester (for other departments).  Any Good student might go true the stress and do it for his/her mates.

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