Attention To All Students

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All students writing e-exams are strongly advised to always put down their e-exams score in case they forget their score or need them for future purpose this is due to the inability of the new exam portal to display previous exam scores ...we believe they are working on it

This is how to Calculate your Grade.

Here is the step by steps on how to calculate your grade. if the grade is, for example, 36/100=0.36, then, multiply by 70 =25.2+TMA score if the TMA is 30. therefore:. 30+25.2=50.2 which is Grade C

70+30 gives you  100 which is the percentage and don't forget that's the standard grade regardless the total number of questions therefore what you score over 70 is 25.2 and over 30 in test (TMA) is 30.

NOUN Grade 

0 - 39 =F
40 - 45 = E
45 - 49 =D
50 - 59 =C
60 - 69 = B
70-100 = A

If you have any question, please drop it in the comment box.

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Notice To All Project Student

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