2017/2018 NOUN Academic Calender

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Possible Duration
Block Dates
MarchCourse Registration
5 Weeks
March 6 – 9th April, 2017
April1st TMA
2 weeks
10th April, 2017
AprilExamination Registration Begins 
7 weeks
10th April, 2017
AprilFacilitation commences10 weeks10th April, 2017
MayOrientation of Fresh Students

25th May, 2017
MayMatriculation Ceremony

 27th May, 2017
MayInaugural Lecture


11th May, 2017
MayIT/SIWES Supervision begins
4 weeks
12th May, 2017
May2nd TMA

4 weeks
15th May, 2017
May3rd TMA26th May, 2017
MayExamination Registration Ends28th May, 2017
June4th TMA9th June, 2017
JuneRegistration for Examination Ends

13th June, 2017
JuneIT/SIWES Supervision ends

12th June, 2017
JuneFacilitation ends

18th June, 2017
JunePoP Examinations begins

9 weeks
4th July, 2017
JuneInaugural Lecture
JulyPoP Examination ends27th July, 2017
JulyPreparation for E-Examination begins17th July, 2017
JulyMarking of POP begins2nd August, 2017
JulyPreparation for E-Examination ends30th July, 2017
JulyTMA Submission Ends31st July, 2017
JulyE-Examination begins31st July, 2017
AugustE-Examinations end27th  August, 2017
AugustMarking of PoP ends16th August, 2017
AugustIT/SIWES Supervision begins

11th August, 2017
AugustInaugural Lecture

August, 2017

September, 2017
SeptemberCollation of PoP & e-exams results ends

1st September, 2017
SeptemberRelease of Examination Results

11th September, 2017
SeptemberIT/SIWES Supervision ends

8th September, 2017
SeptemberRegistration of students commences

4 weeks
1st  September, 2017
SeptemberRegistration of Examination begins1st September, 2017
SeptemberOrientation of fresh students19th to 20thSeptember, 2017
SeptemberMatriculation Ceremony
20th  – 24thSeptember, 2017
23rd September, 2017
SeptemberInaugural Lecture

SeptemberRegistration of students ends

29th  September, 2017
SeptemberRegistration of Examination ends

29th September, 2017

OctoberFacilitation commences
8 weeks
2nd October, 2017
October1st TMA

8 weeks
17th October, 2017
October2nd TMA24th October, 2017
November3rd TMA7th November, 2017
November4th TMA14th November, 2017
NovemberFacilitation ends

26th  November, 2017
NovemberPoP Examinations begin

9 weeks
27th November, 2017
NovemberInaugural Lecture
DecemberPoP Examinations end16th December 2018
DecemberMarking of PoP begins18th December,  2017
DecemberPreparation for E-Examinations begin18th December, 2017
DecemberPreparation for  E-Examinations end31st December, 2017
January, 2018E-Examinations begin3rd January, 2017
January, 2018Marking of PoP ends13th January, 2018
January, 2018E-Examinations end

28th January, 2018
January, 2018Collation of PoP & e-Exams results end

16th January, 2018
January, 2018Inaugural Lecture
January, 2018Senate
January, 2018Release of Results31st January, 2018

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