BREAKING NEWS : NOUN Management Releases Final E-Examination Timetable

This is to inform all the students that are writing E-examination that NOUN management has releases the Final E-examination. Kindly find attached of Final E-Examination Timetable for your information.

All complaints should be directed to study center
E-Examination Timetable

Download it Here

Day Date(Day Month) 8am 11am 2pm
1 31 Mon 7 CIT101 Computers In Society AFS220 Introduction To Fisheries And Wildlife ENT225 Small Business Finance
    NSS217 Introduction To Sociology    
2 01 Tue 8 PHY102 Electricity, Magnetism And Modern Physics EDU111 Foundations Of Education PHY191 Introductory Practical Physics 1
AEM202 Principles Of Rural Sociology ANP204 Introduction To Agricultural Biochemistry EDU280 Agricultural Science Methods
PED221 Developmental Psychology PHY206 Optics I PHS203 Introduction To Public Health
SLM201 Principles Of Soil Science POL214 Introduction To Political Analysis AGR205 Introduction To Agro-climatology
POL121 Nigerian Government And Politics SMS208 Computer Appreciation for Managers INR162 International Migration I
SMS210 Entrepreneurship Studies I ECO253 Statistics For Economist I SMS106 Elements Of Managementii
EDU240 Mathematics Methods CHM291 Practical Chemistry Iii- Inorganic ENG281 The African Novel
ENG226 English Morphology NSC208 Nursing Ethics And Jurisprudence FRE152 Introduction To French Culture & Civilisation
BED112 Word Processing DAM212 Database Laboratory CIT104 Introduction To Computer Science
ECE123 Health Care In The Early Years ESM211 Global Environmental Issues MTH104 Elementary Mathematics Ii
ARA182 Arabic Reading     ECE120 Development Of Appropriate Skills In Children
CSS242 Measurements And Patterns Of Crimes And Deliq PCR261 Culture Values And Conflicts In War ESM231 Introductory Toxicology
TSM144 Tourism Marketing ISL214 Textual Study Of Qur_an Ii POL221 Nigerian Government And Politics 1
MAC115 African Communication Systems I MAC212 Media And Society ISL142 Islam And Inter-religious Dialogue
3 02 Wed 8 GST101 Use Of English And Communication Skills I ARD202 Introduction To Rural Sociology    
    CTH272 :Ecumenism    
4 03 Thu 8 PHY207 Thermodynamics MTH102 Elementary Mathematics II EDU214 Philosophyof Education
AEM201 Principles Of Agricultural Extension INR222 Europe From French Revolution To The World Wa INR221 History And Practice Of Diplomacy
FRE221 French Grammar And Composition I ENG111 An Introduction To Literature And Literary Cr    
CIT237 Programming & Algorithms BED114 Business Methods COP212 Cooperatives Extension
SMS204 Financial Accounting Ii ENT224 Business Ethics ESM204 Environmental Hazards And Disaster Management
ECO256 Mathematics For Economist Ii EDU252 Chemistry Methods POL124 Organization Of Government
BIO207 Lower In Vertebrates EDU250 Subject Methos I (biology) ISL102 Mosque In Islam
PED112 Reading In Early Childhood And Primary Educat PED233 Religious And Moral Education ENG161 Theatre Workshop
ESM234 Soil Resources CSS211 The Sociology Of Crime And Delinquency TSM141 Understanding Tourism
POL228 Introduction To Comparative Politics MAC113 History Of Nigerian Mass Media MAC246 Educational Broadcasting
ISL212 Introduction To Tajwid COP220 Industrial Attachment I BIO220 Fisheries And Wildlife
LIN112 Introduction To Linguistics Ii CTH231 Christian Ethics CTH102 Major Religious Groups In Nigeria
    PAD202 Introduction To Public Administration    
CTH211 Introduction To The Bible        
5 04 Fri 8 CHM103 Introductory Physical Chemistry CHM191 Introductory Practical Chemistry PHY192 Introductory Physics Laboratory Ii
NSC206 Environmental Health PHS201 Anatomy    
ECO122 Principles Of Economics Ii INR142 Introduction To Public Administration EDU282 Business Education Teaching Methods
AGE202 Introduction To Computer Science SMS205 Introduction To Business FRE162 Introduction To Francophone African Culture A
ENG114 Introduction To Nigerian Literature 11 ENG172 Introduction To Poetry ECO146 The Nigerian Economy In Perspective I
FRE112 Oral And Aural Comprehension ENG212 Creative Writing I COP113 Introduction To General Agriculture I
PED234 Man Energy And Resources        
PCR272 Concepts And Practice Of Peace Building NSC205 Cellular And General Pathology MAC111 Introduction To Mass Communication
ARA281 Arabic Literature 1 PED236 Elementary Mathematics CTH218 Biblical Hermeneutics
NSS211 Human Anatomy ESM291 Map Analysis BED111 Keyboarding
TSM244 Tourist Sites: Products & Operations Ii PCR271 Understanding Conflicts And War
MAC213 Foundation Of Communication Research CSS241 Basic Security And Security Threats
CTH122 Types Of Theology NSS203 General And Cellular Pathology
    HCM131 Introduction To Hospitality Management
6 05 Sat 8 GST107 The Good Study Guide ARD201 Principles Of Extension    
GST707 The Good Study Guide CTH217  :Prophets     
GST807 The Good Study Guide        
7 07 Mon 8 MTH212 Linear Algebra  SED211 Assessment And Evaluation In Integrated Scien MTH281 Mathematical Methods I
SED122 Chemistry For Integrated Science CHM203 Organic Chemistry Ii VTE115 Introduction To Vocational Education
BED212 Fundamentals Of Data Processing PHY103 Geometric And Wave Optics FRE132 Textual Analysis Ii
FRE212 Advanced Oral French INR211 International Law And Diplomacy In The 19th C ECE232 Observation Recording And Assessment In Early
ECO254 Statistics For Economist Ii MTH241 Introduction To Real Analysis BIO212 Helminthology
PED122 Primary English Curriculum And Methods     PED261 Primary School Social Studies Curriculum And
BIO208 Seedless Plants SMS203 Financial Accounting CTH141 Church History I
PCR274 Introduction To Conflict Transformation ENG122 The Structure Of Modern English 11    
MAC232 Environmental Public Relations EDU258 Computer Science Methods    
CTH222 Christian Doctrines NSC207 Medical Biochemistry Ii    
    PCR112 Democracy And Good Governance    
    ARA284 Translation: Arabic / English    
    NSS214 Human Physiology For Nurses Ii    
    CSS212 The Sociology Of Punishment And Corrections    
8 08 Tue 8 GST202 Fundamentals Of Peace Studies And Conflict Re PHS204 Introduction To Sociology
    ANP201 Introduction To Biotechnology    
9 09 Wed 8 MTH232 Elementary Differential Equation  CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry    
SED221 Biology For Integrated Science INR262 International Migration Ii BIO192 General Practical Biology Ii
        PCR115 Introduction To Conflict Resolution Processes
INR111 Introduction To International Studies SMS201 Business Statistics I    
AEM203 Introduction To Home Economics Extension ENG215 Survey Of English Literature (medieval & Rena COP215 Agriculture Cooperatives
MKT108 Introduction To Marketing FRE111 Language Laboratory Work/ Oral French PED232 Aesthetic Expression In Primary Education
ENG251 Language And Society ECO255 Mathematics For Economist 1 ISL136 Women In Islam
POL126 Citizen And Its State ENG241 Intro To General Phonetics And Phonology JLS111 Introduction To Journalism
CHM204 Structure And Bonding ISL241 Prophethood And The Prophets In Islam CSS244 Types And Analysis Of Security Threats
PED271 Primary School Phe Curriculum And Methods POL226 Organization And Administrative Theories TSM147 Tourism Policy And Planning
ESM238 Air Photo Interpretation CSS246 Legal And Social Framework Of Private Securit HCM135 Introduction To Food & Beverage Services 1
    MAC214 Investigative & Interpretative Reporting ENT201 Micro-credit Policies And Institutions
MAC142 Introduction To Radio And Television CTH131 Introduction To Philosophy CTH233 Philosophy Of Religion
BIO215 General Biochemistry Laboratory 1        
10 10 Thu 8 GST301 Entrepreneurship Studies PHY261 Geophysics I    
    FRM211 Forestry And Wildlife Management    
    MKT206 Retail Management    
11 11 Fri 8 CIT102 Software Application Skills SED225 Nigerian Integrated Science Curriculum FST202 Principles Of Food Science And Technology
    AFS202 Principles Of Food Science & Technology    
    PHS202 Nutrition In Health And Disease MKT208 Practice Of Marketing
12 12 Sat 8 MTH282 Mathematical Method Ii EDU212 Sociology Of Education EDU231 Curriculum Development Theory And Practice
CHM202 Analytical Chemistry NSC104 Human Physiology I PHS217 General Microbiology
ANP202 Principles Of Animal Production INR232 Introduction To Foreign Policy FRE101 Basic French Grammar I
NSC203 Human Physiology Ii     ESM104 Introduction To Environmental Science
INR122 Concepts In International Relations ENT206 Entrepreneurial Studies I AGR206 Crop Anatomy Taxonomy And Physiology
ACC210 Auditing BFN104 Elements Of Banking SMS211 Economic Theory
CSS121 Introduction To Psychology MTH251 Mechanics MKT201 Elements Of Marketing
ENG221 Introduction To Syntactic Models ECO247 The Nigerian Economy In Perspective Ii ECO153 Introduction To Quantitative Methods
EDU256 Physics Methods BIO213 Chemistry Of Amino Acids And Proteins NSC204 Epidemiology
HCM133 Agric Nutrition And Health ESM236 Environmental Microbiology    
ESM292 Environmental Economics     ISL271 The Rightly Guided Caliphs And The Umayyads
BIO217 Microbiology CSS132 Ethnography And Social Structure Of Nigeria POL211 Nigerian Legal System
ARA183 Arabic Conversation ISL272 The Abbasid Caliphate NSS201 Foundations Of Nursing
TSM145 Geography Of Tourism MAC134 Principles & Practice Of Public Relations CSS245 Security Planning Development And Organizatio
13 14 Mon 8 GST105 History And Philosophy Of Science PHS210 Introduction To Biostatistics BIO216 Chemistry Of Carbohydrates And , Lipids & Nuc
        CIT236 Analog And Digital Electronics
    CIT213 Elementary Data Processing ESM222 Water Resource Evaluation
14 15 Tue 8 CIT292 Computer Laboratory I SED222 Chemistry For Integrated Science EDU254 Integrated Science Methods
SED214 History And Philosophyof Integrated Science     AGR202 Introduction To Agric. Engineering
    PHY208 Network Analysis And Devices MTH210 Introduction To Complex Analysis
PHY291 Physics Laboratory I INR231 South-south Cooperation INR132 Africa And The Western Powers
POL215 History Of Political Thought I CIT143 Introduction To Data Organisation And Managem
SMS102 Business Mathematics Ii    
ENG216 Survey Of English Literature(restoration To P SMS105 Elements Of Management I ENG141 Spoken English
FRE141 Introduction To Composition Writing In French ENG222 Advanced English Syntax NSC102 Human Anatomy I
PCR111 Introduction To Peace Studies NSC209 Physical And Health Assessment    
CHM201 Physical Chemistry Ii PED130 Introduction To Social Studies PED237 Measurement And Shapes
NSC210 Introduction To Sociology Ii PCR276 Perception And Conflict ESM206 Community Participation In Environmental Mana
ECE231 Science In The Early Years POL123 Introduction To Nigerian Constitutional Devel BIO210 Seed Plants
    NSS222 Practicum And Clinical Attachment I
ISL121 Studies On The Hadith CSS152 Introduction To Nigeria Criminal Law CTH202 Comparative Study Of Religion
15 16 Wed 8 BIO191 Introductory Biology Laboratory I SED123 Physics For Integrated Science SED226 Industrial Processes/ Application
ECO121 Principles Of Economics I BIO201 Genetics 1 AGR203 Principles Of Crop Production
    PHY203 Oscilations And Waves PHY204 Electromagnetism
ENG162 Elements Of Drama FRE222 French Grammar And Composition 11 INR242 Pre Colonial African Diplomacy
NSC212 Nutrition In Health And Disease CIT211 Introduction To Operating Systems CIT208 Information System
ECE230 Introduction To Early Childhood Education Cur     ESM112 Introductory Ecology
ISL231 Intorduction To The Shariah SMS209 Introduction To Finance ACC201 Principles Of Taxation
MAC117 Writing For Mass Media I EDU220 English Methods ENG113 Introduction To Nigerian Literature 1
CTH216 Greek Syntax POL223 Foundations Of Political Economy COP211 Cooperatives Economics I
    NSC108 Medical Biochemistry I NSC202 Human Anatomy Iii
    ESM106 Environmental Resource Management ECE222 Developing Professional Skills And Competence
        ARA283 Arabic Reading Ii
    ISL222 Textual Studies Of Hadith CSS136 Intro To Criminology Ii
    ENG181 Introduction To Fiction ENT216 Project Appraisal & Evaluation
16 17 Thu 8 GST203 Introduction To Philosophy And Logic AGR204 Computer Appreciation And Application To Agri    
    DAM207 Indexing & Classification    
    NSS213 Human Physiology For Nurses I    
17 18 Fri 8 MTH103 Elementary Mathematics Iii BIO101 General Biology I BIO102 General Biology Ii
SED224 Energy And Matter POL111 Elements Of Political Science POL212 Basic Statistics For Social Sciences
AGR201 General Agriculture CIT246 Computer Organization    
FRE122 French Grammar Ii SMS206 Introduction To Cost And Management Accountin SMS101 Business Mathematics 1
SMS202 Business Statistics Ii ENG121 Structure Of Modern English I ENG224 Advanced English Composition Ii
ENG223 Advanced English Composition I ISL111 Studies On The Qur_an FRE131 Textual Analysis 1
PCR211 Education For Peace CSS133 Introduction To Criminology I PCR113 Introduction To Peace Education
BIO204 Biological Techniques MGS204 Rural Development ECE223 Plays And Learning
ECE113 Introduction To Philosophy Of Early Childhood HCM239 Menu Planning & Catering Services HCM134 Foods And Nutrition
ESM221 Ecotourism CTH271 Christianity In Nigeria ISL245 Ilm _l-kalam And Development Of Muslim Firaq
ISL132 Advanced Study Of Salat And Zakat     CSS112 Sociology Of Law
CSS231 Methods Of Social Research     TSM143 Tourism Services & Operations
CTH214 Pauline Epistles     CTH113 Bible Geography
18 19 Sat 8 GST102 Use Of English And Communication Skill II ARD203 Introduction To Home Economics    
    CHM292 Practical Chemistry Iv - Physical And Organic    
    NSC201 Human Anatomy Ii    
    DAM205 Data Collection Methodology    
19 21 Mon 8 INR251 Evolution Of Modern International System EDU114 History Of Education In Nigeria PHY101 Elementary Mechanics Heat And Properties Of M
CHM205 Inorganic Chemistry Ii INR121 Structure Of The International System INR212 International Law And Diplomacy In 20th Centu
STT211 Probability Distribution I AEM251 Introduction To Agricultural Economics    
SOS203 Introduction To Agro-climatology CSS111 Introduction To Sociology ENT205 Consumer Behaviour
    ESM212 Tropical Climatology COP111 Introduction To Cooperatives
ENT121 Principles And Practice Of Insurance ISL113 Qur_anic Ethics ECE227 Organization And Service Provision In E.c.e
EDU290 Early Childhood Education Methods HCM236 Beverage Management PED230 Introduction To Music In Primary School
LIN111 Introduction To General Linguistics 1 BIO218 General Biochemistry Laboratory 11 ISL172 As-sirah: Biography Of The Prophet Muhammad
CSS134 Geography Of Nigeria     ENG211 History Of The English Language
ISL213 Textual Study Of The Quran     TSM243 Tourist Sites: Products & Operations I
HCM146 The Culture Heritage     HCM238 Introduction To Food & Beverage Production Ii
HCM136 Introduction To Food & Beverage Services Ii     MAC225 News Writing & Reporting
MAC116 African Communication Systems Ii     CTH101 Introduction To The Study Of Islam
BIO214 Structure And Functions Of Major Cell Compone     ENT251 Introduction To Social Psychology
20 22 Tue 8 EDU112 Professionalism In Teaching EDU233 General Teaching Methods MTH101 Elementary Mathematics I
PCR114 Introduction To Conflict Resolution Processes POL231 Essentials Of International Relations And Dip SOS201 Principles Of Soil Science
HCM145 Tourism Geography ESM102 The Nigerian Environment INR112 Introduction To Law And Diplomacy In Pre-colo
ARA282 Arabic Grammar I MGS207 Introduction To Development Economics BED113 Fundamentals Of Business Education
COP114 Cooperative Principles FRE102 Basic French Grammar Ii COP214 Cooperatives Economics Ii
HCM231 Introduction To Food & Beverage Production I ARA181 Basic Arabic ECE110 Childhood Education In Traditional African So
MAC121 Introduction To News Writing & Reporting TSM146 The Cultural Heritage PED235 Clothing And Textiles
BIO211 Coelomate Invertebrates HCM235 Food Beverage & Costs CSS243 Principles Of Security Practice And Managemen
CTH215 Greek Grammar MAC211 Theories Of Mass Communication HCM237 Hospitality Sales And Marketing
    CTH212 Pentateuch CTH142 Church History Ii
21 23 Wed 8 CHM192 Introductory Practical Chemistry 11 BIO203 General Physiology 1 SED121 Biology For Integrated Science
SED223 Physics For Integrated Science PHY202 Modern Physics I CHM102 Introductory Organic Chemistry
BED214 Computer Application In Business MTH213 Numerical Analysis I ECO232 Micro-economic Theory Ii
FRE211 Advanced Study In Oral & Written Comprehensio HCM144 Tourism Marketing FRE271 Introduction To Francophone African Literatur
COP216 Nigeria & International Cooperatives ECO231 Micro Economic Theory I ENG151 Introduction To English As A Second Language
ECE112 Origin And Development Of E.c.e FRE121 French Grammar I HCM234 Facility Maintenance Management
PED120 Principles Of Family Living COP116 General Agriculture Ii MAC223 Magazine & Feature Article Writing
TSM241 Understanding Tourists And Hosts TSM142 Tourism As An Industry CTH151 Religion And Society
MAC242 Foundations Of Broadcasting HCM232 Menu Development & Planning    
CTH192 Intro. To African Traditional Religion MAC221 Editing & Graphics Of Communication    
    CTH111 Old Testament (o.t) Survey    
22 24 Thu 8 GST201 Nigerian Peoples And Culture EDU222 French Methods    
    ECO154 Introduction To Quantitative Methods Ii    
    ISL101 General Introduction To Islam    
23 25 Fri 8 ECE121 Child Development STT102 Introductory Statistics MTH211 Introduction To Set Theory And Abstract Alge
PHY201 Classical Dynamics FRE231 Introduction To French Phonology ECE221 Language And Literacy In The Early Years
CIT212 Systems Analysis And Design ECE225 Meeting Special Needs In E.c.e BIO205 Introductory Developmental Cell Biology
FRE282 Introduction To French Literature (prose Poet BIO206 Statistics For Agriculture And Biological Sci CTH213 Synoptic Gospels
BIO209 Chordates CTH152 Marriage And Family HCM243 Tourist Sites:Products and Operation I
CTH261 Christian Counseling HCM244 Tourist Sites:Products and Operation II    
HCM147 Policy and Planning ARD251 Introduction to Agricultural Economics    
24 26 Sat 8 CIT215 Introduction To Programming Languages POL216 Evolution Of Nigerian Local Government
PED144 Primary Maths Curriculum And Methods CSS131 Introduction To Political Science
CTH210 History And Religion Of Israel NSS241 Introduction To Biostatistics
    CTH173 :Introduction to the Study of Religion  PED121 :CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY
    NSC106 Medical Microbiology and Parasitology HCM141 Understanding Tourism I
    HCM241 Understanding Tourist and Host HCM142 Tourism as an Industry
    SMS207 Business Communication    

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