If you observed that the students' portal does not display courses registered it was in line with the tip off by the school authorities that some people are manipulating the portal in other words,  if you are yet to print out your exam slip print out your e-wallet slip and take it to your study centre attached with a two passport photo and also will advice you to print out your id card as there will be a strict invigilation this semester due to some irregularities conducted by some people. The id card serves as the identification that u are the one seating for the exam.

Also result portal not available it was also in d line that some are editing the school result with this the school withhold the results pending the outcome of their investigation. Please note that they are not upgrading it nor does a mistake occurs on d result but some irregularities have been found. 

I beseech you to remain calm and don't be scared as the school will scape through it's challenges. 

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