BREAKING NEWS - Update on the POP 2017_ 1 Examination Timetable

The following modifications have been made to the POP 2017_1 Examination timetable.

A. The following courses were removed from the timetable

  • CIT481-Website Design & Management
  • CIT469-Protocols, Design And Programming
  • CIT462-Web Server Technology
  • CIT345-Introduction To Computer Design
  • PHY49 - Laboratory Physics III

B. The following courses had their examination dates changed

  • CHM415 - Will be examined on Thursday July 27, 2017 at 11am
  • CHM391 - Will be examined on Thursday July 27, 2017 at 8am
  • JLS711 - Will be examined on Wednesday July 19, 2017 at 11am
Kindly find attached the updated timetable

Download it here

15 Thursday, July 20, 2017 ESM392 Remote Sensing CSS746 Legal And Social Framework Of Private Securit INR332 War And Peace In West Africa Since 1960
  BIO304 General Ecology BIO408 Soil Ecology BIO405 Hydrobiology
  AEM509 Agricultural Business Management CSP401 Biotechnology In Crop/pest Management AEM504 Rural Community Development
  LAW422 Land Law Ii LAW515 Jurisprudence & Legal Theory I LAW531 Maritime Law I
  COP413 Cooperative Field Administration & Planning COP312 Cooperative Legislation COP416 Cooperative Accounting
  ISL313 Introduction To World Religions ISL439 Al-hud?d: Penal System Of The Shar? Ah ISL374 Islamic Political Institutions
  CTH314 Inter-testamental Literature CTH302 Messianism CTH471 Research Methods
  SED422 Integrated Science Curriculum Design And Impl SED412 Nigerian Industries And Industrialization SED314 African Cosmology In Integration In Science
  PED433 Children Literature ECE421 Health And Family Life Education PED312 Fundamentals Of Early Childhood And Pry Educa
  VTE414 Vocational Guidance ACC310 Elements Of Public Sector Accounting TSM348 Hospitality And Tourism Management
  ENG351 Introduction To Applied Linguistics ENG416 Creative Writing Iii NSS323 Maternal And Child Health I
  TSM349 Introduction To Airline Management HCM343 Procurement & Supply Management AEC306 Farm Records And Accounting
  NSS321 Medical Surgical Nursing I NSS402 Mental Health And Psychiatry Ii PCR312 Peace Research Methods
  PCR817 Theories Of Peace Education And Conflict PAD843 E-governance In The Public Sector
  DAM363 Economic Statistics DAM401 Oracle Applications ESM431 Environmental Health And Safety
  CIT708 Concepts and Application of E-Business PCR417 International Relations And Security JLS726 Speech Writing
  PAD810 Public Policy Analysis PAD871 Public Personnel Management CSS745 Types And Analysis Of Security Threats
  CIT412 Modelling & Simulation MAC425  Public Relations Practice ECO356 Introduction To Econometrics Ii
  JLS724 Feature Writing ESM322 Water And Waste Water Management MGS722 Business Statistics

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