This is to inform the students that the management has releases the school i.d cards for prospective students. You are hereby advised to log on to your portal to print it into laminated I D card or plastic I D card..

Click on the Registration in your portal to preview your I.D card,


  1. I have checked the so-called ID card. Is it for primary school students or kindergarten? Or has the same corruption crippling Nigeria crawled its way into the Noun Management, giving us such imperfection and immaturity?

    It does not look like a university student's ID Card at all.

    They better design something much more mature. After all, it will not take more than 15 minutes to design a 21st century ID Card, that other University students will see and piss on their pants.

    They should stop giving us things that are substandard.


  2. I also taught as much.. maybe we should write a letter to the management upon the newly released student's identity card.. Because i don't think you can take it to the bank for a less of using it for a purpose..funny enough is that they may think you forge the i.d card..The management should stop giving her students a childish i.d card.

  3. The management should upload d tmas that are unavailable bfor exam nah..are we going to answer 120 question in exam this semester again? Haba

  4. Good day everyone here we observed some student are going through difficulties in submitting there noun TMA and that result to a low outcome at the end of the Semester,so that is why we come together to find solution to this and the deal is that we submit or supply all answers of noun TMA irrespective of Course or level if you are interested you can call or whatsapp 08101532580,08144279751 � hurry up today and submit your tma with us only for the students that pursue success 08101532580,08144279751

  5. I think the i.d card has meet with the primary purpose of means of identification, of which I don’t think the secondary purpose is relevant but all luxurious