This is to inform the prospective students that the above is the FINAL 2017_1 TIMETABLE. 

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11 Saturday, July 15, 2017 EDU421 Guidance And Counselling CIT344 Introduction To Computer Design HCM333 Food & Beverage Services Iii
  MBA824 Managerial Economics     MBA804 Business And Company Law
  CIT481 Website Design & Management CIT469 Protocols, Design And Programming CIT342 Formal Languages And Automata Theory
  CIT303 Principles Of Communication Technology PHY306 Optics Ii PHY457 Environmental Physics
  MAC341 Developmental Communication & Broadcasting CTH826 Ecclesiology    
  CTH814 Biblical Criticisms PHY310 Electronics Ii ENT419 International Business I
  ENT324 Principles Of Purchasing & Supply PCR872 Research Methods In Peace And Conflict Resolu AEM302 Extension Teaching, Learning Process And Meth
  BIO318 Immunology And Immunochemistry BIO306 General Physiology 11 BIO310 Protozoology
  AEM304 Communication And Audio-visual Techniques        
  LAW331 Commercial Transaction I LAW344 Family Law Ii
  LAW423 Equity And Trust I MGS707 Local Government Administration MGS756 Project Analysis And Implementation
  MGS779 Public Financial Management ENG434 Literary Stylistics ENG415 Literary Theory And Criticism
  AEA304 Agricultural Marketing And Price AFM317 Fish Health Management ANP307 Elementary Topics In Animal Breeding
  SMS303 Entrepreneurship Studies Ii COP414 Cooperative Auditing ISL332 Al-mu ?mal?t In The Shariah
  ISL355 Introduction To Ta?awwuf ISL312 Exegesis Of The Quran CTH441 West African Church History
  CTH311 Gospel Of John CTH472 Conflict Management CIT759 Micro Computing And Www
  CIT752 Operating System Concepts PED422 Behaviour Problems And The Primary School Chi
  EDT830 Multimedia Tech In Teaching And Learning SED327 Environment And Population SED832 Curriculum Development In Science Education

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