This advice goes out to students writing POP examination. 
It is advisable to register as much courses as maximum unit can carry putting compulsory courses first consideration 
During your exam write all necessary information legibly and correctly don't copy someone else personal information 
Sign in and sign out correctly 
I do hear people saying that if you find an examination difficult you should not fill your personal details and don't sign out well I never had such issue but you can find out more for yourself
Try as much as possible not to cheat because if caught it could end your career
The reason for the advice on doing more courses is due to the issue of missing results. 
Never keep your problem to yourself speak out when you have any
Don't feel too big it might be the youngest person in your department that will have your solution at hand
Treat enough pass question TMA reading for exam is over. 
Finish your TMA ASAP. 
Register and do your IT and seminar very early. 


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