I warmly welcome you all to the16th Matriculation ceremony of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). The cardinal objective for the establishment of this open and distance learning institution is basically to provide access to higher education for mass of qualified candidates who are desirous of equipping themselves useful not only to their immediate society, but also to the world at large.
My dear students, the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has provided a strong and exciting platform for you to translate your dreams into reality. NOUN is a strong player in higher education. May I emphasize that education is very important to the development of man. It is a light. The light which education gives is like a lantern on the table which shines, dispelling the dark kingdom of ignorance. NOUN is a unique university well prepared to contribute to the global human and technological developments through a viable and functional education. This objective, therefore, remain paramount and sacrosanct.
In line with this, the University Management continues to put in place all facilities that will aid your attainment of academic excellence. In like manner, university's systems and operations are constantly being reviewed and updated to be at par with the best standards and practices globally.
One example in this regard is the change of academic nomenclature from School and Unit to Faculty and Department system. With this change, the university has been able to expand its academic developments. This is in addition to making academic operations more familiar and relevant to our teeming students. In addition to the above, the university's Virtual Library, available in all our study centres, is constantly updated with latest materials in all fields of study.
The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is now fully situated and operates from its permanent site in Jabi, Abuja. The site is a showpiece of architectural and aesthetic dream translated to reality. In like manner, academic as well as administration operations are being reviewed and streamlined for greater efficiency. As you gradually settle down into your studies, you will discover other positive developments the university has embarked upon.
At this junction, let me emphasize that NOUN is on the cusp of information and communication technology expansion. As an ODL university, ICT will be maximally explored in all our academic operations in order to give our products the competitive edge in the market place, and also for self-realization. We have initiated a radical change in the ICT component of the university. The aim here is to deliver to you an ICT-based university that you will be proud of, capable of meeting all your  learning needs.
The university, under my watch, has adopted a key slogan which is, From NOUN to VERB - NOUN Reloaded. The focus here is on the word, VERB, which stands for Vibrant, Energetic, Re-armed and Ballistic. In simple expression and meaning, the university is increasing the momentum in the pursuit of its objective. To this end, I enjoin you to key into this slogan and join hands with me and other stakeholders in order to take the university beyond the next level.
Ladies and gentlemen, NOUN's greatness is also in our hands. In different ways, we can all contribute to the realization of this greatness. As student stakeholders, abide by the rules and regulations of the university; be diligent in your studies, let your conduct at all times be above reproach and above all, let the university found you worthy in learning  and character at the end of your study here.
In conclusion, NOUN is now a household name in Nigeria. At the international level, the university is working in concert with other Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institutions not just in Africa but also across the world. NOUN strongly shares the compelling vision of 'the African university shaping futures in the service of humanity'. As students of NOUN, you have become partakers in this vision, as the vision begins with you. You have become the torchbearers of the National Open University of Nigeria, the standard by which NOUN will be judged by others. In the words, you have become Ambassadors of NOUN. You will be doing yourself and the university a lot of good if you remember this always and act in such a way that will edify your university.
I wish you all a pleasant and rewarding time in NOUN.

Professor Abdalla Uba Adamu

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