SMS304: Research TMA 1

Question 1 : In a scientific research, the emphasis is on __ the
hypothesis and not to prove it.

Question 2 : According to Gupte (1979) two categories of data
collected and used in research are ___
 primary & secondary
 pre-data & post-data
 basic & fundamental
 primary & post-primary

Question 3 : __ and ___ are two main types of questionnaires
based on two basic types of question formats
* Direct ; Indirect
 *Open-ended ; closed-ended
 *Objective ; Subjective
 Top ; Bottom

Question 4 : There are __ main types of observation

Question 5 : A research report is open for public scrutiny and as
such can be reffered to as a
 public document
 social enterprise
 social tools
 open method

Question 6 : Research is not
 information gathering
 striving toward understanding a complex problem
 an activity that is directed towards the development of an
organized body of scientific knowledge
 systematic process of data collection

Question 7 : The questionnaire and ___are similar as information
gathering tools that seek and elicit information by asking questions
 Case study

Question 8 : The most precise expression in a quantitative research
is the __
 mathematical equation
 bio data

Question 9 : ___ is a type of qualitative inquiry that involves an
in-depth study of a group in a natural setting.
 Historical research
 Descriptive survey

Question 10 : The following are the major characteristics of
research except

Question 11 : The first process of research is
 specific plan of procedure
 collection and interpretation of data
 problem identification
 goal articulation

Question 12 : Leedy (1997) supports that research is a process that
has ___ distinct characteristics

Question 13 : Based on ___ research can be classified as Basic
and Applied

Question 14 : The following are sources of knowledge except
 scientific inquiry
 personal experience

Question 15 : Words is useful in a ___ research to attain precision

Question 16 : __ is a type of research based on specific methods
 Qualitative research
 Frontier research
 Applied research
 Ex post facto research

Question 17 : A research without a design cannot be

Question 18 : A/An __ relates together the results of
observations to enable general statements to be made concerning
variables and relationships among variables

Question 19 : ____ is a desire to search for the truth, establish
the truth and provide evidence for the truth

Question 20 : ___ data are information, facts or statistical
materials which can be referred to as eye witness account

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